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Chef Shiang's Specialties


** F1. Mongolian Beef or Chicken
Sliced chicken or beef flanks stir-fried with green onion
and dry hot peppers, in sweet and spicy garlic sauce
on a bed of white rice sticks.

$ 12.95


** F2. Szechwan Crispy Beef
Crispy beef blended with Szechwan hot sauce.


F3. Mo Shu Pork or Chicken
This regional dish of Peking is prepared with sautéed
fancy flavored eggs, bamboo shoots and cabbage to
make a filling for the homemade (4)Mandarin pancakes
served with hoisin sauce.

$ 12.50


F4. Sweet and Sour Pork or Chicken
Choice of pork or chicken tenderloin quick-fried and
blended with carrots, pineapple chunks and green peppers
in sweet and sour sauce.

$ 12.50


** F5. General Tsong's Chicken
Tender chicken quick-fried in Shiang's mouth-
watering Szechwan sauce
$ 12.95


F6. Cashew Chicken
Tender chicken stir-fried with crunchy celery,
water chestnuts, and pea pods in light garlic sauce
garnished with cashew nuts.

$ 12.95


F7. Sauteed "Happy Family"
A symbol for family togetherness. Combination
of fresh scallops, prawns, and chicken sautéed with
mixed Chinese greens.

$ 16.95


** F8. Kung Pao Delight
Combination of chicken, beef and prawns stir-fried
with celery, water chestnuts and fresh mushrooms
in traditional spicy sauce and peanuts.

$ 16.95


F9. Orange Chicken or Beef
Lightly fried crispy coating with orange flavored sauce.
$ 12.95


** F10. Healthy Mongolian Delight
Tender chicken and beef, stir-fried with dry hot peppers, on a bed
of steamed broccoli and crunchy cabbage.

$ 16.95

  F11. Sesame Chicken

Tender Chicken quick-fried in Shiang's yummy mouthwatering special sauce.



                We will honor your request:*No M.S.G. *No Oil. * No Spices and Gluten free options.    *Indicates hot and spicy, you may choose from 0 to 5 stars spiciness. Most stir-fried dishes are oil free and available to cook with Gluten free soy sauce for $2.00 extra. Please let our server know your dietary needs.   Our goal is cooking healthier Chinese food.