Golden Chopsticks

A Modern Chinese Restaurant

7425 166th Ave NE Suite C230 425-882-7311

Redmond, WA 98052                425-882-4866


A1. Mandarin B.B.Q. Baby Ribs
Traditionally baked fresh and added with
Shiang's special barbecue sauce.

$ 10.75

A2. Pot Stickers
Seasoned ground pork loin with Chinese vegetable
wrapped in a thin layer of dough.
Steamed and pan-fried.

$ 8.75

A3. Dumplings
Filled with ground pork and vegetables boiled in water.
Served with fresh garlic in soy sauce.

$ 8.75

A4. Golden Prawns
Lightly battered prawns. quick-fried and
served with sweet and sour sauce.


*** A5. Kim Chi
Choice of crunch cabbage, freshly marinated
with tasty garlic, hot and spicy flavor.

$ 4.95

A6. Barbecued Pork
Served with hot mustard, sweet &
sour sauce and sesame seeds.

$ 8.75

A7. Golden Fried Tofu
Totally vegetarian style, fresh fried (or steamed on your request)
served with special garlic sauce. 

$ 8.50

A8. Fried Crab Cheese Won Ton
Cream cheese and shredded crab meat filling wrapped
in thin dough quick-fried and crunchy, served
with sweet and sour sauce.

$ 8.75

A9. Vegetarian Egg Roll

         Fresh vegetables wrapped in Mandarin pancakes fried and crispy. Served with
hot mustard and sweet and sour sauce.

$ 6.50

A10. Chicken Sticks
Yummy flavored meat on sticks; it's great for starters.
$ 8.75



       We will honor your request: *No M.S.G. *No Oil. * No Spices.
       *Indicates hot and spicy, you may choose from 0 to 5 stars spiciness.