Golden Chopsticks

A Modern Chinese Restaurant

7425 166th Ave NE Suite C230 425-882-7311

Redmond, WA 98052               425-882-4866

Lunch Combinations

11:00 AM - 3:00PM
Monday - Friday (Except Holidays)


Hot & Sour or Wonton Soup
With Steamed Rice
If you prefer fried rice instead of steamed rice add $2.00

Brown Rice add $1.50

Choose One Entree From Below:
(Description of each is inside the menu)

             A. $9.95
                 L1. Chow Mien (choice of chicken or vegetarian)
          **L2. Yu-Shiang Pork
          **L3. Szechwan String Bean


                  B. $10.50                                

               L4. Sesame Chicken

               L5. Lemon Chicken
               L6. Garlic Chicken
            * L7. Curry Chicken

           ** L8. Mongolian Beef or chicken
           ** L9. General Tsong's Chicken
          ** L10.Szechwan Crispy Beef
               L11. Beef with Broccoli
               L12. Snow White Chicken
               L13. Beef with Pea Pods
               L14. Chicken with Black Bean Sauce
               L15. Almond Fried Chicken
               L16. Orange Chicken or Beef

               L17. Sweet & Sour Pork or Chicken

           ** L18. Kung Pao Chicken

           ** L19. Spicy Sliced Chicken


               C. $10.95  

                L20. Three Delight
                L21. Prawns with Pea Pods
                L22. Prawns with Cashew Nuts
                L23. Garlic Prawns
                L24. Cashew Chicken                                  

        ** L25. Kung Pao Prawns
                L26. Sweet & Sour Prawns
            ** L27. Kung Pao Tofu
                 L28. Tofu w/ Black Bean Sauce



                We will honor your request:*No M.S.G. *No Oil. * No Spices and Gluten free options.    *Indicates hot and spicy, you may choose from 0 to 5 stars spiciness. Most stir-fried dishes are oil free and available to cook with Gluten free soy sauce for $2.00 extra. Please let our server know your dietary needs.  Our goal is cooking healthier Chinese food.